Mr. Chew, the Collector
Mr. Chew a business relations manager at Double Ace Associates, a debt collection company in Singapore, was ontoThreatening A Debt Collector his job of recovering a debt from a debtor’s flat. He was quoted as saying that as he reached the destination, the debtor’s 53 year old father raced towards him with an axe.

Mr. Chew saidthat he ran as fast as he could to save his life, because surely he could have been killed by the weapon.

Mosaic layer Wong Foo, the father of the debtor was fined $3000 for pleading guilty to the act.

The Debtor
The debtor, Mr. Wong Jun Hua, was a 26 year old salesman, who had defaulted on a motorcycle payment for the past four months. Mr. Chew with three other debt collectors had reached his flat for the loan recovery, which escalated into a dispute. Mr. Wong’s father, who was returning home at that moment, went to the flat and came out with an axe in his hand.

He damaged the windows of the flat and threatened to put the blame on the debt collectors.

Mr. Chew Manages To Record The Incident On Camera
Mr. Chew said, he was able to take a video of Mr. Wong’s father damaging the windows, and that one of his hands was also bleeding after the incident. He said, then all of a sudden, he rushed towards them with the axe and they fled away.

Mr. Wong’s father chased Mr. Chew to the staircase and swung the axe on the metal railings to frighten him, but the axe broke into two. Yet again, he swung the axe handle in his direction.The police arrived after Mr. Wong had called them.

The Lawyer’s Statement
In his mitigation, the debtor’s lawyer told the District Judge, that Mr. Wong had bought the motor bike on hire-purchase in 2011 and that the client was the guarantor.

Further on, in their plea for leniency, the lawyer stated that the debt collectors had shut of the main electrical switch, resulting in complete darkness for its residents. He also stated that the debt collectors showed vulgar behavior towards them.

Mr. Chew in an interview with TNP, accepted exchanging harsh words with the debtor, but denied switching off their electrical supply.

He further said that the debtor was known to be as a problematic. That is why he took three of his colleagues for the recovery and also that the family did not behave in a civilized manner.