We are dedicated professionals who recover Monies and Goods owed by debtors that are rightfully yours. We also provide third party payment collection services, for corporate and individual clients.

Why engage Double Ace Associates as your Collection Agency? 

There are high chances that a debtor will pay a collection agency even though they never co-operated with the original creditor. The debtors may at this point realize that you are serious or don’t want a damaged credit rating or risk going to court, therefore it is sometimes possible for the agency to collect your outstanding debt when the client was not able to.

Why should I use Debt Collection Service?

Professional debt recovery is a faster and far cheaper process than Legal Process. We are also able to gather intelligence from the ground on the respective debtors and advise our clients accordingly.

What if my Client does not want to pay up?

With our years of experience, our admin and debt recovery team have their unique and professional manner to turn your debtors into good paying customer .We will discuss with the respective debtors a payment program that suits both parties best. We will get to the debtor at all costs and within all legal means.

How actively do you pursue bad addresses? 

We continue to try to locate debtors for at least 6 months to a year, then we usually keep checking back on the account monthly to see if any files have been updated, such as credit bureau files, new address, employment, so we can locate them. The account is looked at weekly to make sure every effort has been made to locate the debtor so that we can then try to collect.

Double Ace Associates provide Legal Advice?

Yes we do. However, in accordance with the Legal Profession Act (Cap.161), we do not charge for such services. Our Debt Management Consultant will work out a recovery plan with our debt collection department to minimize legal costs whenever possible. Do take note that we are not able to commence any legal proceedings, on your behalf, against any party. We have a panel of legal advisers that will assist, only if required.

How successful has Double Ace Associates been?

We have achieved almost 85% recovery from 2001 till today. However, not all debt are collectible as some debtors may skip, file bankruptcy, become deceased or just refuse to pay. The age of the debt also plays a part in how long it may take to recover. At Double Ace Associates, we always believe that all debt can be recover. its only a matter of using the right method at the right time.