Debt collection can be a daunting task. There are several ways of communicating with your debtor. Out of these, you will have to select the one that is most effective. However, once you choose a suitable mode of communication, you will have to think about the cost involved in employing that method. Then, there will be some exceptional debtors for whom your chosen method might not work. You will have to find some other mode of communication to satisfy them. This gives rise to a lot of mind-boggling permutations and combinations.

In order to make your life a little simpler, here’s a guide that will help you strategizing the best debt collection system for your business.

1.Study Your Clients Carefully

Study your clients carefully and analyse which mode of communication will suit them best. Clients have different characters and one must know each one better so as to employ the right way of approaching them. Some clients have a class of their own. In such cases, you cannot question their way of living. Instead, you will have to adapt and adjust as per their lifestyle. You may have to specially choose a separate debt recovery strategy for such clients.

2.Take Help of Authorities

Having full knowledge of how your client’s behaviour guarantees smooth functioning of your debt collection process. However, some clients may still default, no matter how professionally you treat them. In such cases, involvement of the necessary authorities is quite important to ease the situation. Although, such cases are rare, the fact is that they do occur and one must not lean back and watch, but rather seek for assistance in accordance to the law.

3.Regularly Reach Your Clients

Regularly update your clients about their debts. This way, your debtors will be informed from time to time about debts that require settlement. This is extremely useful for employing a smooth-flowing debt collection strategy.

4.Integrate It with Your Marketing Strategy

Along with a reminder of debts, you can even inform your customers about new products and brands introduced in your business. In this way, by keeping your customer informed about the latest developments, you are maintaining healthy and cordial relations with your customers. The best part of all, you will be taking care of your marketing strategy as well. Thus, this will bring more business to you.

5.Form a Debt-Collection Team

Form a debt collection team that exclusively takes care of debt recovery. Make sure its members behave professionally; else there is a chance of ruining customer relations and future business.


The above strategies are effective; however, it demands investment of tremendous time and money. Sometimes, the costs are so huge that it is difficult for businesses to benefit from it. In such cases, hiring an outside agency who handles debt collection at a nominal rate can be a good alternative. To know more about such an agency, click here.