The tactics used by any debt collection company in the collection of debts are very crucial because they directly impact on the success of the business and its reliability. Since Double Ace completely understands this idea, the company endeavors to use only the best available ways of collecting debts to ensure that it gets the best results.

The first and most important thing done in debt collection is contacting the debtor. The means of contact is extremely important because it can determine how fast your message is received and the reaction that you will get. Thanks to the invention of telephones, communications and establishing contacts is no longer difficult. At the Double Ace, we use the most common and most effective way of contacting the debtor for the first time and that is through the telephone, a field call or through the solicitor’s letter. At this basic stage, all conversations are amicable as it is always better to avoid lengthy and expensive law suits. The reaction of the debtor to the initial conversation determines the approach to be used by the company to achieve the ultimate goal which is to have the debts paid. While some debtors are approachable and more than willing to cooperate, others may prove to be stubborn and therefore quite hard to deal with and in such cases the debt collection process may become lengthy.

The first approach made by the company is mostly the easiest and can mark the beginning of negotiations leading to payment. In this approach, a case manager is assigned to examine the needs of the client. This makes it easier and faster for the company to know which method to use in debt collection and the specific wants of the client and as such employ the best solution. A Letter of Demand, (LoD) is sent to the debtor, posted to his last known physical address and he or she is given a few days, normally three days, to respond to the letter and to avail himself or herself so as to discuss the letter.

This first approach being less harsh does not always lead to favorable results and at times the debtor may be adamant and even fail to pay the debts. When this occurs, the company uses the second approach which is mainly for the case manager to liaise with the field manager. This enables all the information concerning the debtor for example his or her place of residence and the type of lifestyle that he or she lives to be tracked down. This process is longer than the first approach and may take up to one week.

If the second approach also fails to yield favorable results, the company employs the third approach which is also known as the enforcement stage. In this stage the debtor is literally forced into paying your debts but still keeping in mind that professionalism is important in achieving success, the debtor is not harassed or disrespected in any way. The Case Manager liaises with the Debt Enforcement Officer who then pays a visit to the debtor at his place of work or residence so as to ensure that the outstanding debt is paid. Whatever the case that you find yourself in therefore you should contact Double Ace at once to have all your bad debts collected before it is too late. With the professional services offered, you can never regret your choice to employ the services of Double Ace Company.

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